Income Tax Returns for Buy to Let Investors

Preparation of income tax returns for your buy to let property business, reporting income, expense, mortgage interest adjustments, other operating expenses. Dealing with tax payments, payment on account, mortgage references.

Property Company Accounts / Tax Package

Preparation of limited company accounts/tax package for your buy to let property rental business, reporting income, expense, mortgage interest adjustments, other operating expenses. Other things we consider are salary and dividend draw down, reporting property revaluations, draw down of income, mortgage references.

Property Structures

Individual owner property business, property partnership structures, limited companies and moving from individual to partnership to limited company structure, we have experience in this and are ready to discuss the best structure for you.

Stamp Duty

More often than not there is stamp duty implication on the purchase and re-organisation of property. We are happy to advise on related stamp duty charges.

Capital Gains Tax & Tax Planning

All clients want to know the capital gains tax implications on the sale of their property, we look at the sale price, purchase price, capital works, we also tax plan the way forward.

Inheritance Tax

What are the inheritance tax implications, how much tax is due on death, how can this best be mitigated, how does this fit in all other property business tax planning.

30 day HMRC Reporting on Sale of UK Property

HMRC now require 30 day reporting for UK property sales, we report sale transactions into HMRC.

Non UK Residents

We act for many non-UK resident property investors who have property interests in the UK. Non-residents are required to register under NRL scheme, they also have the Apr 15 cost treatment on sale of UK property.

Tax Enquiries

If you are under HMRC tax enquiry for the property related matters, we can help you. We assess the overall position and deal with HMRC on your behalf.

Principal Private Residence Relief

Quite often the most important asset in your portfolio but one which gets overlooked. Questions we often get asked are about the ownership structure and tax implication on sale, gifting down the line, renting it and selling it later, moving abroad.

Lease Extensions & Lease Issuance from Freehold

We are finding more short leases than long leases, property investors are extending their short leases to protect their investment value. Sometimes done during the life of the investment, sometimes on sale. An important area that we know about and can advise on.

VAT on Commercial Properties

Navigating VAT on Commercial Property can be complex and confusing for an investor, we can help you understand the issues and help you to avoid costly and difficult-to-make corrections in the future.